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  • Who We Are NIAC - a nonprofit cooperative protecting other nonprofits. NIAC is part of the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group which currently insures more than 13,000 nonprofit organizations nationwide. We are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations ourselves and are governed by our nonprofit member-insureds. Our boards of directors are elected by our member nonprofit organizations. In 24 years, this Group has grown from an idea to a thriving nonprofit alternative to the traditional commercial insurance market. We are now setting the standard for how insurance is provided to nonprofits.

  • What We Do We protect nonprofits with affordable liability coverage tailored to their needs. We are so much more than just insurance. Fully included in the insurance premium, we provide FREE services and products to help our member nonprofits save money and operate safely. These free services include defensive driver training, personnel handbook review, unlimited phone and email access to labor law consultants, webinars on practical and timely topics, online board portal and more. To see the full list click here.

  • What We've Accomplished NIAC is part of the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group, which currently insures more than 13,000 nonprofits nationwide*. NIAC insures more than 8,000 nonprofits in California. Since 2007, NIAC has declared $31.1 million in dividends to members. When you pay insurance dollars to NIAC, you keep them working for the nonprofit sector. If we have better than anticipated results, the benefit accrues to our member-insureds - not to stockholders or investors. The nonprofit sector can proudly report that it now has its OWN insurance company rated A VIII (Excellent) by AM Best. Read more about our history.

  • Move Your Insurance

    NIAC members are working together to strengthen the entire nonprofit sector. Won't you join us? Our efforts fortify each other and the communities we serve. Our "profits" return to serve nonprofits and make our communities stronger. We are setting the standard for the types of products and services that nonprofits deserve. So, come on, join us. Be part of the solution! We are cooperatives - nonprofit alternatives to for-profit insurance companies. With us, nonprofits are the members and our only mission is to serve and protect our nonprofit-insureds.

    Join us. It's easy - just get a quote!

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