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About NIAC

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The Nonprofits' Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC) is a liability insurance pool which was established in 1989 exclusively for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations in California. NIAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit itself, whose mission is to be a stable source of reasonably priced liability insurance coverages tailored to the specialized needs of the nonprofit sector and to assist these organizations to develop and implement effective loss control and risk management programs.

In 24 years, NIAC has grown from an idea posed in Pamela Davis’ Master's thesis at UC Berkeley to a thriving company. In her thesis, Pamela proposed that instead of relying on commercial insurance companies that were inconsistent in their willingness to provide affordable insurance, the nonprofit sector actually could get control of this important financial service and make sure that they were paying their fair share and no more. Her dream was to engage nonprofits in risk management by providing a variety of free or highly subsidized management services as part of the insurance purchase. And, then, if together NIAC had claims experience that was better than anticipated, NIAC would share that good fortune with the members that made it happen. And that dream has come true. NIAC now insures more than 8,000 nonprofits in California and has declared more than $31.1 million in dividends to members since 2007. But more than that, NIAC has kept premiums steady, even declining, over all these years and managed to provide our members with benefits far beyond just paying for claims.

All of the following are FREE for NIAC members that purchase the related insurance coverage:

Other services provided at cost or at substantial discount include:

Yes, NIAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and our nonprofit members and the nonprofit sector are the beneficiaries of our work. NIAC has grown from a $1 million loan from the Ford Foundation and others in 1989 to a company with $234.8 million in assets, rated A VIII (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. And all of those assets are working for you and other nonprofits like you.  

We are excited by what nonprofits have accomplished by working together to build NIAC. This year, when you review your insurance needs, we hope you'll see that with NIAC, you will get value from your insurance purchase throughout the year, and not just when you have claims! We hope you will join us. Click here to be referred to a broker in your area to GET A QUOTE.

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