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Nonprofit Organizations

NIAC is an insurance company governed by 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Applications for insurance from NIAC must be made through an insurance broker. To inquire about whether your broker is authorized to work with NIAC, please email us or call 1-800-359-6422, ext. 6041. Click here to order a Member Information Packet  or if you would like a referral to an insurance broker NIAC works with in your area, proceed to Get a Quote


Insurance Brokers

NIAC works exclusively through select independent brokers and agents throughout California.  We are not currently making broker appointments in California, however, if you wish to request an exception to this policy contact Susan Bradshaw sbradshaw@insurancefornonprofits.org], Vice President of Marketing and Member/Broker Services at (831) 621-6041. No new appointments are made in the months of May and June.

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