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There is a free forum for nonprofit Q&As

Everything you wanted to know about nonprofits (and weren't afraid to ask!)

Need a good new fundraising idea? Wonder whether others are really having any success with social media? Ask it on www.allaboutnonprofits.org. In response to requests from our members for an information sharing tool for nonprofits, ANI and NIAC are proud to announce the launch of www.allaboutnonprofits.org. It is a forum for finding and floating good ideas regarding all things nonprofit. Don’t see your topic? Request it. We will be available as moderators and hosts for the site, but this is YOUR forum. It is our hope that this new tool will stimulate valuable information sharing among nonprofits. If you have the answer to a question, chime in and share your knowledge! No login is required to post and read comments. Through the sharing of information and expertise, we can help make the nonprofit sector stronger for all of us.

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